“I’ve worked collaboratively with Alicia on quite a few projects and I hope to work with her on more in the future. Her transcripts are always done quickly and accurately and she doesn’t mind when I make a formatting request.”

–Loretta Oliver   Owner & Author:  Transcription Crash Course


“Alicia joined my team to do transcription and data entry. I was amazed at how quickly she picked up on the particular type of transcription I need for my clients. She provides top-notch transcripts in the format and styles requested by my clients. She is fast, efficient and extremely accurate. She is eager to do whatever I ask of her with a positive attitude and willingness to “get it done.” I look forward to continuing our work for a long time to come.”

–Sophie Zollmann   VA, OBM & Owner:  SophieZo Virtually There For You


“I partnered with Alicia because I needed a transcriptionist and a VA. She has been a God-send and I’m not sure how I’d have made it through the last several months without her quick turnaround and constant encouragement. She’s amazingly organized, always on top of things and she responds quickly to my emails and questions. Not only would you be doing yourself a favor hiring Alicia, but you will wonder how you ever did it without her!”

–Suzi K.   Owner:  Schmoodia.com


“Alicia was highly recommended to me by a trusted colleague when I needed transcription services for a client. She’s fantastic! Her transcripts are beautifully formatted, error free and timely. She maintains great communication and is a pleasure to work with! I consider Alicia a long-term resource for my team and look forward to doing more work together soon!

–Amy Bleser   Owner:  Virtual Services 4 U


“Alicia transcribes my BlogTalkRadio shows. In the beginning, I tried to do this myself. I realized rather quickly that I was wasting a lot of time I should be spending instead on client work and investing in additional marketing. Not to mention my hands were exhausted from all the added typing in my schedule!

Then I decided to have BlogTalkRadio’s own transciptionists provide the script (for a small fortune). Which were ok, but then gloriously, I discovered Alicia in social media and the rest is history. Alicia provides transcription services at a reasonable cost (for this HUGE value!), she does a fantastic job of laying it out clearly and even if a section of audio is slightly in-audible, she knows enough about internet marketing and social media to make the transcript make complete sense.

Alicia is prompt, thorough, and super-friendly to boot. She’s a hoot! You simply don’t know how great life is until you have Alicia transcribing your podcasts and videos so you can re-purpose them across all your marketing channels.”

–Nichole Santoro   Owner:  iMarketingSalon and Get Social, Coach! podcast

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