Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant to Proofread Your Work Will Make You Look (and Feel) Smarter

The reality. Okay, so spelling and grammar is not your thing. But you’re still out there in a world of words anyway. You have to draft that sales letter. You need to finish that proposal. Oh, and don’t forget your latest blog post! You hate proofreading and hope that spell check fixes all your problems.

Virtual Assistant Proofreading
How do you spell that?!

I can relate. I get it–I do. For example, I’m not a numbers person.  I never have been. People always told me, “You’ll have that one teacher who will show you math in a different way and it will all click for you!” Hmmm…I’m still waiting for that teacher. However, as a business owner I have to deal with numbers all the time. I have to check website analytics, create pricing packages, invoice clients and keep track of accounting. I’m not a numbers person but these things still have to be done.

The solution. You might not be the best with the written word but you still have to use it on a daily basis, especially if you have an online business and a blog. Why go it alone? You shouldn’t feel stuck and frustrated. This is the perfect time to outsource your work to a virtual assistant. Write up the basics and have them proofread it for you. This way it will still be all of your thoughts but things will flow smoothly and magically become grammatically correct. Your finished product will look great to all those potential readers and clients. This is the part where you look smarter.

Added bonus. You will also save yourself time by outsourcing this kind of work. This will free you up to handle other things in your business–the things you really want to do. You know, the things that will make you money.  This  is the part where you feel smarter.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Have you every outsourced any of your work? Please drop me a note in the comments section.

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6 thoughts on “Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant to Proofread Your Work Will Make You Look (and Feel) Smarter”

  1. Can you proofread my comments? More times than not I will go back and read a comment I have left and noticed I misspelled something or used the wrong word.

    A second set of eyes never hurts and if it can free up time for other things then it just makes sense, right?

    Good to see a post from you; hope baby and work have been well.

    1. Hey Bill!

      Ha ha! Sometimes I need to proofread my own comments! The thoughts kind of rush out when I’m commenting. I have to remind myself to take a minute and read over what I wrote before I hit “reply.” Things are busy here as usual and the baby is awesome. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. A proof reader is a very good idea. The global market rate ranges from one to two cents per word. Theoretically, that’s about what the market would bear. But finding an intelligent proof reader may be difficult.

    I worked with a proof reader for about three months at a flat rate of $200/month for roughly 20,000 words/month with a 24 hour turn around for up to 1,500 words. I retained her with a 3 month advance. She had 10 other clients. She was retired. So it was a nice add to her social security check revenue.

    At the end of the 3 months, she kinda up and disappeared. Don’t know what happened to her. She didn’t leave me hanging in the sense that she served her three months. But I didn’t like that she disappeared. I was worried about her. Her Facebook and Twitter account were deleted.

    Anyway, that kind of behavior makes me nervous considering the intellectual property and deep confidentiality involved with my most of my business documents.

    How should we discern that a proof reader is trustworthy and reliable?

    Recently on my blog: A Fan Letter to Penelope Trunk and her farmer http://wp.me/pbg0R-qQ

    1. Hi Stan!

      It’s great to see you here! We often pass each other while commenting on other people’s blogs. You made some valid points and added a great question. Would you mind if I answered this in a blog post? I’d love to go into more detail than a comment will allow:)

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