Transcription- Who Needs It, Anyway?


Need for transcription
Do I need transcription?

When I tell people I am a transcriptionist, they usually understand literally what it is that I do. They comprehend that transcription consists of listening to some form of audio file and typing what is heard. However, they never seem quite sure exactly who utilizes this kind of service. This made me realize that I should write a brief post describing who needs this kind of service. I will also discuss why they find it useful and beneficial. First, I would like to point out that I am only discussing general transcription as opposed to medical or legal transcription. There are several types of people that make use of transcription services. The fields are varied and are not limited.

Transcription:Entrepreneurs, Business Coaches, Bloggers, Marketing Experts need it.

These individuals have a strong online presence. They record podcasts, webinars and video blogs for their clients and readers. A transcriptionist can type these files so that there is a written record of the audio or video.

The same holds true for teleconferences and teleseminars. The written version can be sent to those who participated, made available for purchase or turned into an e-book. These solutions can double your earning potential by giving clients more than one way to receive the material. You can choose to include the transcript for free, or charge an additional fee for providing a written copy.

Transcription is also vital to Attorneys, Writers and Students

Our online folks are not the only ones to benefit from this service. Writers can record their story and have someone else do the typing. Students can record their information regarding a term paper and have that typed. This is especially beneficial if your punctuation or grammar skills aren’t the best. If you know a transcriber that proofreads as well, you are ahead of the game.

Attorneys can record their case notes or interviews with clients. A good transcriptionist is comfortable dealing with confidential materials. Business-minded individuals can record important meetings. Having a written transcript of the meeting is a great referral tool for employees. It can also clear up any “he said, she said” situations that might occur.

These are just of few of the ways that transcription can benefit in many different fields. Can you think of some others? After reading this, have you discovered that you need transcription, too? Contact me!

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